Classes & Rules

2022 Class List


  • Amateur Ski Lites

  • Pro-Am Ski Lites

  • Veterans Ski Lites

  • Amateur Ski Stock

  • Pro-Am Ski Stock

  • *Ski Mod Lites - Triple/4 Stroke

  • Expert Ski Modified

  • Amateur Ski GP

  • Pro-Am Ski GP

  • Master Ski GP

  • Womens Ski Open

  • Beginner Ski **1st Yr. ONLY


  • Novice Runabout Rec Lites

  • Pro-Am Runabout Rec Lites

  • Veterans Runabout Rec Lites

  • Runabout 1100 Stock

  • Novice Runabout Stock

  • Pro-Am Runabout Stock

  • Womens Runabout

  • Runabout Open

  • Runabout 1100 Limited

  • Runabout 1100 Open

  • Runabout Naturally Aspirated


  • Junior Ski; 10-12 Lites

  • Junior Ski; 13-15 Lites

  • Junior Ski Stock ** Restrictor

  • Junior Runabout Rec Lites


  • Vintage Ski 550

  • Vintage Ski 650/750

  • Vintage X2

  • Vintage Super Chicken


  • Sport Spec

  • Sport GP


  • Amateur

  • Pro

  • Vintage Freestyle *must have 3 entries

  • Veterans Open *must have 3 entries

IJSBA Rule Book Sections

Racers are responsible for understanding what the rules of the class they register for.

Please review the IJSBA rulebook prior to event

Race numbers must be displayed on both sides of the watercraft and must be visible to scorers. If numbers are not clear, racer may not be scored for the race they participate in.

General Rules:

Great Lakes Watercross is sanctioned by the IJSBA (International Jet Sports Boating Association)

IJSBA Membership is required!

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