P1 Aqua X presents GLW
La Porte, IN
National Championship

Important La Porte Event Info!
Great Lake Watercross Closed Course Racing at Stone Lake Beach in La Porte, Indiana

Closed course racing with be a 2 moto format for this event, specific classes to race Saturday and Sunday. Motos will not be split between Saturday and Sunday. 

Race Site Information

Stone Lake Beach- La Porte, IN

300 Grangemouth Drive
La Porte, IN 46350

Great Lakes Watercross is partnering with P1 AquaX to host closed course racing at their endurance events in Indiana! This is an exciting opportunity for our Great Lakes Watercross closed course racers. 

The best place to view from and the place to head for (racers and visitors), is Stone Lake Beach (300 Grangemouth Drive, La Porte, IN 46350).

The event is to showcase La Porte's beautiful lakes and natural resources. Attractions will include concerts, activities for kids, markets, fireworks and more. For additional information on the Festival, click here.

Visit the P1AquaX La Porte webpage for more information

Questions: info@greatlakeswatercross.com