About Great Lakes Watercross


Great Lakes Watercross (GLW) stands as the premier closed-course buoy racing and freestyle tour for personal watercraft in the Midwest. Sanctioned by the IJSBA, GLW events, organized by 2 Wicked Promotions, represent IJSBA's Region 6, covering states like Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, and sometimes Minnesota. The races draw numerous participants and spectators, showcasing thrilling watercross action.

Safety is paramount, with participants responsible for their well-being, adhering to IJSBA guidelines. Required gear includes a personal flotation device, helmet, and back deflector. Additional protective wear like gloves, goggles, and wetsuits are recommended.

Race day involves early registration and check-in, emphasizing the importance of prompt processing to avoid delays. Technical inspections ensure compliance with safety standards. The day kicks off with a riders meeting, covering track rules and responsibilities, followed by practice and official racing. Results are regularly posted, and racers can contest within 30 minutes of posting. The awards ceremony recognizes the top 3 riders in each class, emphasizing attendance for prize collection. Overall, GLW offers a dynamic watercross experience, blending competition, camaraderie, and safety.


Safety is of utmost importance in the Great Lakes Watercross organization, with participants taking responsibility for their well-being by following IJSBA guidelines. Racing mandates the use of essential gear such as a personal flotation device, helmet, and back deflector. Additionally, participants are encouraged to wear gloves, goggles, and wetsuits for added protection from the elements. Individuals are exclusively accountable for their safety at IJSBA-sanctioned races, requiring a self-assessment of their ability to navigate the course. Those with doubts about course officials' competence, concerns about safety, uncertainty about watercraft condition, or doubts about fellow competitors' competence are advised against participating. The emphasis on safety includes mandatory gear and recommended protective wear for a secure watercross experience.

IJSBA Rulebook

Race Day

A day at a Great Lakes Watercross event kicks off with the excitement of registration and check-in. Setting up on Friday, participants are strongly urged to check in early, avoiding long lines on race days. The check-in process involves verifying pre-registration, signing liability waivers, and obtaining a wristband, mandatory for those in the pit area or water during the event. Racers receive assistance from holders at the starting line, who also check in.

All racers and watercraft undergo technical inspection in an assigned area, ensuring compliance with safety standards. Rider equipment, including helmets and personal flotation devices, must be available for inspection. Stickers are awarded to passing watercraft, a requirement for all race machines, with continuous inspections throughout the event. Violations lead to disqualification and point forfeiture.

Post-registration, a riders meeting covers track rules and responsibilities, followed by a course demonstration by the marshal. Practice follows, providing an opportunity to learn the course and familiarize with starting procedures. Classes are combined for generic practice. Racing commences after practice, with the race order posted during the riders meeting or practice. Adjustments are made for class size and potential scheduling errors, ensuring a fair competition.

Throughout the day, race results are posted, and racers must review and address concerns within 30 minutes. After the final moto, an hour is allotted for result reviews and inquiries. Racers contesting results engage with the race director or scoring official. Collective agreement on result inaccuracies expedites changes, highlighting the organized and thorough nature of a day at the Great Lakes Watercross event.


Following the conclusion of the racing round, an awards ceremony takes place at Great Lakes Watercross. Recognition is given to the top 3 riders in each class, and we encourage these racers to remain for a podium photo after receiving their awards. Attendance at the awards ceremony is mandatory for receiving any awards or payouts designated for the class. If necessary, arrangements for someone else to collect an award on your behalf can be made in advance, but it is crucial to communicate this with the staff before the ceremony. While awards can be shipped after the event, participants will be responsible for covering the associated expenses. 


Jaymi & Brad Bohat
Event Promoters, Race Director & Administrative Director
Jaymi and Brad are the event promoters for the Great Lakes Watercross tour. Jaymi and Brad met about 15 years ago at jetski races! Jaymi worked for Great Lakes Watercross as well as another national promoter, and Brad was a regular racer! Having history in the sport, it was an easy decision to take on promoting the Midwest tour!! Brad directs all of the race operations and Jaymi directs all of the administrative, scheduling, and scoring processes.

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