Patrick Sarenich

Race Number:


Green Bay WI

Race Class:
Amateur Ski Lites

Years Racing:
2005-2010 and 2018-current makes 10 years (i did also miss the 2020 season due to life)

How did you get into PWC Racing?:
As a junior I was lucky enough to borrow skis for the first two years from people such as Scott Hyke, Wes Ray, and Jumpin Jim Flash!

2021 6th Place Pro-Am Ski Stock k(Pro Watercross)
2021 4th Place Amateur Ski Stock (Pro Watercross)
2020 Novice Ski Stock Champion (Pro Watercross)
2019 2nd Place Novice Ski Stock (Pro Watercross)
2019 2nd Place Novice Ski Stock Points (Great Lakes)
2018 Novice Ski Stock Points Champion (Great Lakes)

Ruff Racing, Spielbauer Fireworks, Jettribe. Pro Watercraft, Fly Racing,, Illusive Gloves, Power Nuts, Blur Optics, GoPro